I’ve always liked Microsoft Visio for drawing quick diagrams. Its smarts shapes click together like legos so I can work fast and get results. Visio comes with some user interface stencils, but they’re very limited, and not suitable for designing web application interfaces. That’s why I went and looked for Bootstrap stencils for Visio on the web. There were a few results, but what I found were stencils with shapes that weren’t smart: the shapes didn’t scale well, and had no built-in functionality.

What I’d like to see is a stencil full of smart shapes that can be configured: a button that you can right-click to make it default, primary, success, warning or danger, rather than having five separate buttons. A dropdown menu that allows you to drag in menu options and separators, which automatically stretch the menu to accommodate them. A form input field that allows you to right-click it to set its current state (valid, warning, invalid), with an optional feedback icon, and so on.

That’s why I set out to develop my own Bootstrap Stencils for Visio, with Font Awesome icons thrown in for good measure:

Bootstrap stencils for Visio 2013

You can find the Bootstrap Stencils for Visio project on GitLab. Leave a comment if you used the stencils, or if you have a suggestion for improvements!

Learn how to develop your own Visio smart shapes