With the release of Dream Prisoner for Flash, I remembered that I have a hint sheet lying around. This can be useful for those who want to figure out the game on their own, since the hint sheet was written in such a way that it doesn’t give away the complete solution (it’s not a walkthrough), similar to Level 9’s hint sheets.

With the release of Dream Prisoner for Flash, I remembered that I have a hint sheet lying around. This can be useful for those who want to figure out the game on their own, since the hint sheet was written in such a way that it doesn’t give away the complete solution (it’s not a walkthrough), similar to Level 9’s hint sheets.

So here goes:

Dream Prisoner – A Procurion 9 Game – Hint sheet

Use these hints sparingly, and only when you’re really stuck. Find the object that you can’t fathom the use of in the list below, and look up the number in brackets. To avoid spoiling all the fun in the game, there are some red herrings in the list, so don’t read any entries at random.

List of Objects

Ace (77)
axe (139)
balloon (168)
barrier, laser (170)
bed, hermit's (171)
bird (5)
body, decapitated (101)
boots (96)
bottles, wine (99)
box (131)
bug (72)
cabinet (47)
cage (20)
cauldron (157)
chair, hermit's (140)
chest, treasure (78)
cloak (87)
coffin (120)
cupboard (65)
cylinder (152)
dial (147)
egg (85)
false teeth (118)
fireplace (22)
ghost (154)
grave (130)
hammer (32)
hat (45)
hermit (63)
ingredients (55)
jelly, pot of (58)
Joey (97)
John (4)
key (127)
laser barrier (170)
leaf, purple (8)
lever, green (6)
machine, red (116)
machine, ticket (12)
map (102)
mechanic (117)
money (29)
mummy (98)
painting (132)
pamphlet (50)
paperclip (54)
paper, piece of (170)
pencil (162)
plant (156)
river, yellow (76)
rack, wine (67)
safe (143)
salt (164)
screwdriver (149)
shoe (25)
shovel (133)
skeleton (10)
spider (17)
spoon (39)
stone (169)
sword, engraved (110)
table (21)
teeth, false (118)
ticket (39)
toolbox (126)
treasure chest (78)
tree, big (27)
rat (24)
rug (9)
vial (1)
wallet (30)
wine bottles (99)
wine rack (67)
wood (158)
worm (2)
yellow river (76)
zippo (167)

List of hints

(1) Transparent glass. It holds fluids, but only in very small quantities.
(2) you're probably not a worm-gourmet, but some animals are. Use this
delicacy to your advantage. See (42)
(3) a dead rat. It may be found where most (dead) rats may be found.
See (60)
(4) John is cool. He kind of likes birds, too. See (11)
(5) a real nuisance. Won't let you pass if you carry any shiny objects.
Now what do you normally keep a bird in to prevent it from escaping?
(6) don't pull the green lever. please. See (26)
(7) it's used to catch birds. See (42)
(8) a purple leaf isn't just found on a plant. You need to do a lot
to get it. See (50) and (40)
(9) you need to turn every stone to solve this game. that goes for rugs,
too. See (18)
(10) it's very dead. However, there is a small living thing where the
brains once where. See (19)
(11) watch him closely.
(12) it doesn't work for free. See (36)
(13) take a closer look at the rack, but keep the overall view in your
mind. See (84) if you can't figure this one out.
(14) you can't just give it to him, though. See (112)
(15) stop wondering and zip it open!
(16) an old shoe. It's not hidden in an obvious place. However, it is
securely locked away from you. See (60)
(17) take care, it may be a deadly one. You won't be able to grab it
anyway, it's much too fast for you and will stay out of reach. Try
a different approach. See (59) and (23)
(18) there are two of them in the game. You should examine the one in the
dining room closely.
(19) there's a small worm in its eye.
(20) you need it to get rid of a nuisance. However, you need some help
to do so. See (7)
(21) there's a nice, big wooden one in the dining room.
(22) the building has three of those. Only one of them is useful to you,
see (51)
(23) don't try anything on the spider. Pay attention to what it's sitting
on (34)
(24) the rat serves a single purpose in the game. You *don't* need to eat
it. See (50) and (3)
(25) you won't be able to wear it. Instead, keep it with you. See (50) and
(26) I'm serious here. Don't pull the green lever. See (6)
(27) It fills most of the patio. The tree it not the highest point of the
building however. Look for a rope in its vicinity to get higher.
See (43)
(28) break the shovel in half.
(29) luckily you money is the local currency. Machines don't return change,
(30) contains loads of useful thingies (well, almost useful).
(31) you can get one from the ticket machine in the tower's base floor. Just
flip a coin in its slot.
(32) a useful tool. Not usually used for breaking locks, but you never know.
See (37)
(33) it's on the table in the dining room.
(34) that's right, a big plant. You need to make it drop the spider.
See (57)
(35) there's a way to catch the bird in the cage. You need a worm to
pull of this trick, however. See (62)
(36) hey, there's a coin slot on its side!
(37) the cabinet's locked and you don't have the key. So let's go rough.
(38) if Marty would teleport without setting the Delorean's time display
to 1985, he would probably end up in the cupboard.
(39) It's in the cupboard. See (64)
(40) a purple leaf. There's no plant you can rip it off. See (60)
(41) where does a mummy spend the night? Right.
(42) the worm is part of a trick you need to pull on the bird. See (52)
(43) a balloon is floating over the patio. Go check out the view!
(44) you need to eat the spider live.
(45) makes you luke like Napoleon. See (69)
(46) sometimes you need one to get something or enter somewhere. And they
aren't free. See (31)
(47) people often keep their belongings in cabinets and cupboards. See
(48) give him the silver spoon.
(49) but it happens to be a place with great cosmic significance! See (38)
(50) the pamphlet is a very important object. It is the key to solving the
adventure. It is lying in an obvious place, see (33). Read the
instructions carefully.
(51) because of the cauldron.
(52) you need to get rid of this birdie, because it very much likes shiny
objects. See (35)
(53) rip his hat, wiseguy.
(54) use it to open the lock to the wizard's study.
(55) you need four ingredients to create an escape route from this dream.
They are (3), (40), (59) and (16).
(56) because he is too scared for that. Instead, put it in something he
is familiar with. See (41)
(57) the only way to affect this baby is by feeding it. Get some strong
(58) you may not like jelly, but other people do. See (61)
(59) a big hairy scary spider. A spider worth his while will hide on a
big plant, out of sight and reach. See (60)
(60) the four ingredients should be put together in a big container, and
heated. If you're lucky, the result will get you out of here.
(61) there is one person in the game who is a definite jelly freak. You
won't be able to just give it to him, though. See (56)
(62) the bird won't get down from the tree by itself. See (70)
(63) the hermit is not a very talkative fellow. He says it all in one
line. See (81)
(64) take care: some birds love shiny objects. See (82)
(65) the cupboard doesn't seem to be very important... See (49)
(66) honest.
(67) the wine rack and the bottles in it form a very interesting riddle.
See (13)
(68) there is someone around who knows how to handle it, though. See (77)
(69) [sixty-nine dudes] John is a rather dreamy fellow. He won't even
notice you sneaking up on him. See (53)
(70) pay close attention to John when he's in the patio.
(71) however, this one is locked. There is a smashing way to open it,
though. See (80)
(72) there are no bugs in this game!
(73) the hermit will give you something valuable in return for something
valuable. Like he says, he has an eye for silver. So get him
some. See (48)
(74) however, you may not need to do this. See (91)
(75) you can obtain it from the hermit, in exchange for something valuable.
(76) it's yellow and it's a river and it's not your incontinent little cousin.
See (103)
(77) it's all in a name.
(78) guess: it's buried somewhere. See (83)
(79) but seriously, that egg is of no use whatsoever. See (66)
(80) you need to hit the cabinet with the hammer to break the lock.
(81) do as he says. See (73)
(82) in order to retain the spoon you need to get rid of the bird. See (90)
(83) get yourself a shovel to dig it up. See (89)
(84) there is a cosmic connection between the wine rack and the red machine
in the entrance hall. See (111)
(85) eggs are a lot tastier when baked with bacon, and with a little salt.
See (74)
(86) did no one ever tell you that mummies never say no to a pot of jelly?
See (14)
(87) don't you hate it when everything is hidden from you? See (88)
(88) okay, its buried somewhere.
(89) you need a map to find out where to dig.
(90) where do decent people keep nasty birds?
(91) eggs are very useful when thrown at people who are a nuisance. See
(92) you won't be able to find the map anywhere, you need to get it from
someone. See (75)
(93) to get to it, you need to get past the mummy.
(94) the ghost is carrying the key to the treasure vault!
(95) now you can set the dials on the machine to match your code.
(96) boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they do ÄÄ if you
can find them.
(97) Joey is the fellow who throws people out who don't have a ticket.
However, if you do have one he's a lot nicer. See (115)
(98) the crypt is his domain. Don't worry, he is not as cruel as you may
think. See (86)
(99) the wine bottles are nothing; you need to look at the greater meaning
of things.
(100) however, you may not need to do this either. See (79)
(101) no kidding.
(102) treasure hunting is no fun without a map. See (92)
(103) it's also somewhere in the caverns under the building. See (93)
(104) every bottle in the wine rack has a position. Start counting from
the left. In the end, you will have seven numbers from one to seven.
See (95)
(110) it's as sharp as your wit. In other words, blunt as a bone. See (68)
(111) the wine rack is divided in forty-nine openings. Only seven of them
are filled with bottles. See (104)
(112) give him a safe place to eat it.
(113) however, there are no dials on it so things are teleported to some place
with a greater cosmic significance.
(114) just pick a good spot and dig. See (119)
(115) actually, Joey is the doorman for a costume party. If you want to get
past him, you're going to need a good costume. See (122)
(116) there must be some way to activate it. See (124)
(117) it's his job to fix things. See (125)
(118) the set of false teeth is well hidden from you. See (128)
(119) maybe you need a map.
(120) usually, coffins are filled with bodies. It just happens that this one
is empty. See (129)
(121) guess what it does: it casts far. See (145)
(122) good costumes come in four parts.
(123) exactly, behind a painting.
(124) you need a seven-digit combination to activate the machine. See (134)
(125) his particular forte is fixing machines. See (142)
(126) keep your hands off the mechanic's stuff, sonny. See (150)
(127) it's a very small key. The kind of keys that usually don't go in
doors. See (138)
(128) false teeth make a great costume finish, if used in combination with
other impressive features like big boots and a heavy cloak.
(129) the coffin is, of course, home of the mummy.
(130) aren't you wondering who's buried there? See (15)
(131) this is not just a box; it's the farcaster 2000. See (121)
(132) it's just a painting. Secured very tight to the wall, though. See (144)
(133) shovels are made for digging. So go dig. See (114)
(134) take a good look around under the ground level. Maybe you'll find
something that indicates the right combination. See (146)
(135) he's not a very talkative fellow.
(136) you will find it in a toolbox. See (151)
(137) yep, it's screwed shut. Guess what you need to open it.
(138) this is the key to a safe.
(139) use the axe to kill the mummy.
(140) it's the hermit's chair. There's nothing wrong with it.
(141) you've got to do something to the plant to get the spider. See (153)
(142) when he's fixing something, he will take his toolbox with him, full of
nice thingies. He won't let the contents out of his sights, however.
See (148)
(143) now where's the safe hidden in most movies? Right. See (123)
(144) you can't move the painting. To find out what's so special about it,
you need help from someone else.
(145) it's a simple teleport device. See (113)
(146) check the wine rack in the cellar.
(147) there are seven dials on the red machine in the entrance hall. You need
to set them to the right combination to activate the machine. See (134)
(148) you should get the mechanic's stuff out of the entrance hall without
him seeing you nick them. See (155)
(149) you won't get far without a screwdriver. However, you won't get it
easily either. See (136)
(150) you don't need the toolbox anyway. Take a look at its contents instead.
(151) the mechanic's toolbox, to be precise.
(152) it's in the cavern's wall near the yellow underground river. See (137)
(153) you need to do something in the plant to get the spider. See (165)
(154) just another restless soul. See (135)
(155) maybe you could use the gold box.
(156) hey look, there's a spider on the plant. Too bad it's out of your reach.
See (141)
(157) it's used for cooking. See (166)
(158) burn, burn burn burn, burn!
(159) above the patio.
(160) what did Aladdin do to his lamp?
(161) no, there's nothing under the bed.
(162) write the magic password on the corkscrew, but do not forget to break
the wineglass when the moon is full so that you can walk through the wall
at midnight, join the ethereal party, swim in the king of zambia's pool
and eventually find out that your neighbour's toupe‚ is actually fake.
(163) kissing the mummy is essential to solving the game.
(164) adds some spice to the game.
(165) plants are real fluid freaks. So go get it some.
(166) you need a heat source, though.
(167) used for lighting cigarettes, lamps, oil, wood, etcetera. Also, see (172).
(168) floats in the air. See (159)
(169) this is not just a stone. It's a _magic_ stone. See (160)
(170) the grass always looks greener on the other side.
(171) you have no time to sleep! See (161)
(172) That's a collector's item.

good adventuring,

the guys from Procurion 9

-= Alexander “Lucas” Lentjes =-

-= Alexander “Atrox” van Oostenrijk =-