Euro-5 by Bert Benson

February 1st, 2013

A series of books that I loved to read when I was very young is “Euro-5”, written by Bert Benson. These are science fiction stories of a time when men were men, curse words were unknown (except for “By Jupiter!” and “Blimey!”), and basically nothing was known about the universe. The Euro-5 series is food […]

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A series of books that I loved to read when I was very young is “Euro-5”, written by Bert Benson. These are science fiction stories of a time when men were men, curse words were unknown (except for “By Jupiter!” and “Blimey!”), and basically nothing was known about the universe. The Euro-5 series is food for Trekkies. It was available in Dutch. I don’t think it was ever translated to English. If I had the time, it would be on my to-do list.

I haven’t actually read all the books. Only some were available in the public library at the time, and searching the web now yields next to no results... until now! I found the entire Euro-5 series online and I’d like to share. Below are all the covers with titles translated to English, as well as links to downloadable EPUB versions of the books. Happy reading!

NEWS! There is now an English version of Euro-5 antwoordt niet available for Kindle, titled Euro-5 does not respond. It’s available from Amazon at $2.99, but it’s free on Monday 13 Feb through Tuesday 14 Feb. Get it now!

Also, click the covers for a bigger version.

The Original Series

1. Euro-5 antwoordt niet
(The Euro-5 does not respond)

Download EPUB

2. Dreiging van de H-mannen
(The threat of the H-men)

Download EPUB

3. Duivels van de diepzee
(Devils from the deep)

Download EPUB

4. Slaven uit de ruimte
(Slaves from space)

Download EPUB

5. De monsters van Dr. Einling
(Dr Einling’s monsters)

Download EPUB

6. Op drift in de tijd
(Lost in time)Download EPUB

7. Machten uit het heelal
(Forces from the universe)

Download EPUB

8. Ruimteschip Freya uit de koers
(Spaceship Freya off course)

Download EPUB

9. Contact met Atlantis
(Contact with Atlantis)

Download EPUB

10. Groot alarm voor sectie 5
(High alert for section 5)

Download EPUB

11. Paniek op de Noordpool
(Panic on the North Pole)

Download EPUB

12. Aanval van het groene gevaar
(Attack of the green danger)

Download EPUB

13. Het geweld van de zwarte orca’s
(The violence of the black orcas)

Download EPUB

14. In de macht van de schorpioen
(In the power of the scorpion)

Download EPUB

15. De onbekende satelliet
(The unknown satellite)

Download EPUB

16. Vermist in de ruimte
(Lost in space)

Download EPUB

17. De robots van de gele planeet
(The robots from the yellow planet)

Download EPUB

18. Stralen uit het verleden
(Rays from the past)

Download EPUB

19. Stuurloos in een vreemd heelal
(Lost in an alien universe)

Download EPUB

20. Een gevaarlijk experiment
(A risky experiment)

Download EPUB

21. Het ongrijpbare gevaar
(The unseen danger)

Download EPUB

The new series “The New Euro-5”

1. De Rampplaneet
(Disaster planet)

Download EPUB

2. Het volk van Arban
(The people of Arban)

Download EPUB

3. Onder vuur
(Under fire)

Download EPUB

4. Het teken van Tamo
(The sign of Tamo)

Download EPUB

5. De vermiste patrouille
(The lost patrol)Download EPUB
6. Terug naar de aarde?
(Return to earth?)

Download EPUB

The Euro 5 Crew

Overall command:

Captain Peter de Vos, commander, ex-fighter pilot and test pilot, astronaut training, astronomer, Dutch nationality.

Dr Hans Weiss, second officer, ex-fighter pilot, physicist, philosophical studies, German nationality.

Jef Devoort, assistant, Belgian nationality.

Technical command:

Marc Bonjour (engineer), chief mechanical engineer, mathematician, physicist, mechanical engineer, experience in avionics industry, used to work with the European space project, French nationality.

Pierre Hasslenbourg (engineer), assistant chief, atomic physicist, French nationality, born in the Elzas.

Karl Zollinger, assistant, Luxembourgian nationality.


Dr Prosper Debruijkere, chief of navigation, physicist, used to work with the European space project, Belgian nationality.

George Minco, assistant, French nationality, but grown up in Italy.


Gino Cardinale, chief of communications, mathematician, ex-submarine captain, Italian nationality.

Pietro Germani, assistant, Italian nationality.

Internal Services:

Bastiaan Goris, kitchen and magazine chief, cook, professional wrestler, smith, driver, diver, torpedo maker, Dutch nationality.

Manfred Blohm, assistant, jack-of-all-trades, Danish nationality.



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15 15 Responses to “Euro-5 by Bert Benson”
  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for posting these! I’m 48 and I still own the entire collection and occasionally like to read one of them : )

  2. Guest says:

    Ha! Used to read them when i was very little. So long ago that i didn’t remember the name, but a search on google finally brought me here. Thank you, i will read it once more, if not just for nostalgic reasons.

  3. L.S. says:

    Ah, memories. Thank you! Now I can revisit them 🙂

  4. Max says:

    Thanks a lot! This is nostalgie revived … and once and a while I am still reading one of these books.

  5. Bas says:

    Great stuff. Thanks for making this available !

  6. George says:

    Most of them seem to be gone 🙁 Any one who can help me get a copy of the books?

    • alex says:

      No worries, they’re back up now.

    • pieter says:

      Hi, Many thanks for this upload. I have read these books when I was a young boy, and now I want to read them to my own son. Only book 21 is linked to the book image of book 20 and the link of book 21 is broken.
      So i have been able to download all books except book 20. Is it possible that you correct this one?

      Thank you very much.


      • alex says:

        I’ve fixed the link to book 21. I didn’t find the problem with “book 21 is linked to the book image of book 20”; the images seem correct. Can you please clarify?

    • george says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks again for getting them all back up 🙂

      The only book that is missing is book 20 like Pieter said.
      What is happening to me is when i go to the link of book 20 it brings me to book 21 so the link from book 20 and book 21 both give me book 21 so no book 20 🙁

      Does anyone know of a place to download other Bert Benson books like “Verzetsgroup Pimpernel” and “Het Condor Team” ???

  7. Leo says:

    Brilliant upload. 51 now and I can remember ‘m all. Lot’s of fun to be able to read them again.
    I had the original series complete, except for the New Euro-5 series. I have read most of the new series, besides one or two. But I will make up for that now.
    Again, many thanks.

  8. Jeroen says:

    47 yrs old.. My mother one day decided that my EURO 5 series could be given away.. 🙁

    Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

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