Independent Software Website and Database Development Clients in Maputo

Independent Software Website and Database Development in Maputo

Website for Associação Progresso

Independent Software has worked with Associação Progresso, the oldest NGO in the country, to create a visually charged website that showcases well what Progresso does in Mozambique. The website includes an association profile, and a searchable library of all books that Associação Progresso’s publishing branch offers.

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Innovative website database: Agência do Zambeze

The Agência do Desenvolvimento da Vale do Zambeze (Agency for the Development of the Zambezi Valley) is a Mozambican governmental organization charged with promoting rural development in the center part of Mozambique. The Agency gathers a large amount of data on ongoing projects and compares their real progress to expected progress. It needs to regularly present details reports to international donors and government.

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Website work: ACIS Revamp

ACIS (Association for Commerce, Industry and Services) is Mozambique’s foremost industry association. Its website receives over 20,000 hits a month, as it provides important services to the public and the association’s members, including translations of laws and regulations, practical guides to doing business in Mozambique, a public notice board and an extensive library of business-related literature for download.

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IESE Electoral Cartography

The Institute for Economic and Social Studies (IESE) in Maputo runs a research project on the elections results of the legislative and presidential elections in Mozambique from 1994 to 2009.

The project has accumulated a large quantity of election result data which truly comes to life when projected onto a zoomable map of the country with drill-down features.

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Dana Tours

Some years ago, we built a large public website for Dana Tours, the premier inbound tour operator for Mozambique. To this day, it is the largest tourism oriented website in the country, with over 1,000 pages of content and an equal number of photographs. Dana Tours now wants to make the site more mobile responsive, and improve SEO ratings.

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LAH Associados

Recently, Independent Software has done identity design work for LAH Associados, a Mozambican consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, project analysis, monitoring and evaluation in the fields of infrastructure and transport.

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