The Institute for Economic and Social Studies (IESE) in Maputo runs a research project on the elections results of the legislative and presidential elections in Mozambique. The project has accumulated a large quantity of election result data which truly comes to life when projected onto a map of the country.

IESE logoIndependent Software has constructed a new WordPress website for IESE, importing and reformatting all existing web content from their old website. We also developed a visualization tool for the election results, allowing users to view results by election year, election type and party, as well as abstention levels, null votes, white votes and requalified votes – all calculated on the fly from a base data set. What is more, IESE is able to update the base data set when necessary.

Data is plotted on a colored map which can be drilled down from provincial level to district level and further down to administrative post level. The map, implemented using fast HTML canvas, can be exported to various graphics formats. All data shown in table form can be exported straight to Microsoft Excel.

The system was presented to the public during a seminary on March 30, 2016:

IESE presentation

You can directly access the live product on the IESE website here, while the short video below provides an overview of the system.

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