is a browser-based tool that lets you easily map adventure games. Drag rooms into your map and link them up using connections in all compass directions. Add a list of objects present in each room. Finally, export your map straight to your adventure game toolkit of choice: TADS, Inform, Quest or Alan.

Drawing a map in

Edit room details quickly lets you edit the properties of your rooms using a quick and intuitive editor. Room name and description, room colors, room borders, elliptical or octagonal rooms - we got it.

Editing room details in

Add named objects with descriptions to your rooms, and even create containment relationships - which will be included in your code generation later.

Generate code from your map can export your map to various adventure game development system. It supports TADS 3, Inform 7, Quest and Alan 2 (and 3), among others. Code is generated for your rooms, connections and objects, and you can feed it straight into your compiler.

versionInfo : GameID
  name = 'Deadly Cave Adventure'
  desc = 'A thrilling adventure 
    deep in the earth'

OutsideCave: Room 'Outside Cave'
  description = "You are standing outside a 
    dark, forboding cave. "
  north = EntryChamber

+ lamp: Item 'lamp'
  description = "An old-fashioned oil lamp. 
    Rusty but serviceable. "